Oh Boobs!

Belly dancing and boob jiggling, Valory-style

Like most girls, Valory enjoys dancing. Most guys enjoy watching girls dance because they want to see their tits and asses vibrate. So it balances out. On a trip to surreal Portugal, Sophie Mae gave Valory, Lana Ivans and Arianna Sinn some lessons in belly dancing. Sophie is an accomplished belly dancer and teacher back home in the Czech Republic. Valory is a fast learner and picked up a lot on that trip. I wonder if Valory is still practicing her belly dancing back home. I hope so.

I’m a fan of belly dancers and like to go to Mediterranean restaurants that have belly dancing shows. There’s a very intense sexuality and sensuality about belly dancing, and many belly dancers just look like they’re hot women in bed. For some stupid reason, you never see belly dancing on American TV.

Sophie did a belly dancing video that plays at SCORELAND. We shot that one in Prague. Back in 2000, a newcomer named Ariana, a California exotic dancer born in Afghanistan, dressed in a belly dancing costume for the cover of the July 2000 SCORE magazine. She even did a few minutes of belly dancing on video, and I remember it being very sexy. Contessa Rose belly dances. (She taught a few moves to Eva Notty in the SCORE dressing room.) Karina Hart tried her hips at it and so did Jasmine Shiraz, a Jersey girl from Iran. Overall though, not a lot of SCORE or V-mag girls are into belly dancing. I wish they were.

Seeing Valory decked out in a belly dancing costume and gyrating her hips, tits and cans in this video should get your fez spinning like a top.

“I really love to dance to ’80s disco music,” Valory said. “But now I love middle-eastern belly dancing too. It’s so sexy and beautiful!”

Just like Valory.

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