Oh Boobs!

Barbie Nicole: Twin Barbies

Super-stacked Barbie Nicole is a lingerie lover. Lacey bras and panties. Stockings. Lacey skirts. All of that girl gear make Barbie happy. When she visited SCORELAND, she brought some personal favorites she wanted to wear for her photo shoots.

There was a full-length mirror in this scene so she could check herself out. “I usually don’t wear bras except for photo shoots and when I go to sleep, I wear a surgical bra,” Barbie said.

Barbie masturbates a few times a week. “I’m more of a clit girl,” said Barbie. “I usually cum faster and easier by rubbing my clit than by sticking a toy inside my pussy, but the toy in this video made me cum pretty quickly.”

Barbie doesn’t mention Ken even once.

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