Oh Boobs!

Barbie Nicole: If the Bikini Fits

A sunny Florida day is perfect to enjoy a Barbie Nicole bikini play date. When she’s tried on all of her skinny bikinis, Barbie runs her hands all over her huge tits and dips a finger in her shaved pussy.

SCORELAND: Barbie, do you play with your breasts without realizing it, like when you’re watching TV?

Barbie Nicole: Yes, I do touch and play with my boobs. I pat them, rub them, lift them. Even in public. I don’t notice. My mom does sometimes.

SCORELAND: Do you flash people?

Barbie Nicole: I have my moments. I’m not opposed to it. But it depends on how much I’m drinking or how much fun I’m having or how hot a girl or guy is.

SCORELAND: You live in Las Vegas. Do you gamble and go to pool parties?

Barbie Nicole: I love gambling. I play blackjack, craps and roulette. My favorites! I do pool parties usually once a week when I’m in Los Angeles.

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