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Bad Bella is a Hot Fuck Doll

If you look up “hot fuck dolls,” in your encyclopedia, you’ll see a picture of Bad Bella. Tiny, top-heavy and pretty, Bad Bella was named well. She’s so bad, she’s better than good. She’s great.

Bella has a new dress she wants to show Ace Bigs. He wants to check out her tits, and fast. Bella lowers her dress and takes off her sheer bra so he can feel and kiss her tits. She sits on the edge of the sofa and pulls his pants down like he’s hiding a birthday gift that she wants. She takes his dick in her hand and gives him an awesome, noisy blow job and ball sucking. The expression “Suck it like you mean it” comes to mind. Bella sucks his shaft and nutbag like she means it. Her cheeks bulge and her lips form a vacuum seal around his cock. When she takes his dick out of her mouth, she’s out of breath and sticks her tongue out.

Bella rubs her pussy and invitingly stares at Ace. She’s now his for the taking. He slips her dress off her sexy body to reveal her split-crotch panties. Ace can’t resist a snack like this and goes down on Bella.

Now Bella needs to have her wet pussy impaled. Ace sits on the couch and Bella sits on Ace. She bounces on his pole facing the camera and takes it deep. Turning around to show her ass cheeks, Bella’s tight pussy grips his cock. Her coochie lips cling to his dick as she moves up and down. Before Bella gets on her knees for a drilling from behind, she resumes her cock sucking and gets her tits fucked. She calls herself Bad Bella but we think of her as Really Good Bella.

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