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Aubrey Black…not your typical mom

First things first: Aubrey Black is not an amateur. Far from it. She’s a porn star. Now, we love our mature amateurs. We definitely get off on the idea of a woman showing her stuff and fucking on-camera for the first time. But we also get off on the idea of Mom being a porn star. Just imagine…

Kid No. 1: Where’s Mom?

Kid No. 2: She went to work.

Kid No. 1: Oh, you mean sucking and fucking some dude she met five minutes earlier?

Kid No. 2: Yeah, well…

Most of the women we feature at MommysToyTime are amateurs, but Aubrey Black? Like we said…

So here’s this 48-year-old wife and mother of two children with her spectacular body (beautiful curves, big, fake fits, pink pussy, big clit) spreading her legs and getting herself off with a big toy.

“People always thought I was the wild one even when I wasn’t,” said Aubrey, who was born in New Zealand and now splits her time between the United States and Australia.

She is a wild one. Aubrey’s kinkiest sexual encounter: “Fucking live on-stage and looking into strangers’ eyes while being pounded.”

Sex with younger men: “My partner is 21 years younger than me.”

Sex with other women? “Yes, many times.”

Anal sex? “Yes!”

Aubrey is a professional published photographer, fashion designer and nurse and says she still does many of these things, so when she does leave the house and yells out, “Kids, I’m going to work!” that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s going to fuck. But on this day, it definitely did.

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