Oh Boobs!

At the Carwash

You won’t be getting this kind of service at your local car wash no matter where you live.

Katie begins her detailing in shorts, a halter top and heels and gets all wet and soapy. Piece by piece, her clothes come off as she gives these wheels a sponge bath that should have set off the alarm the second she touched the car.

At this car wash service, viewing chairs should be provided. We’re getting a real education in car wash science here. Our videographer even goes inside the car to show you Katie pressing her big boobs against the windshield as she sponges away. By the time the car is showroom clean, Katie is down to her birthday suit and dripping with suds. We could have set out lawn chairs and sold tickets to this major event.

Katie says she likes guys who can make her laugh straight away.

“I love to laugh all the time. I like being silly and having a good time. Being happy is how everyone should try to be.”

And when Katie’s around, she puts a guy in his happy seat as well as the driver’s seat.

Click here for the full scene with Katie Thornton!

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