Oh Boobs!

Ashlyn Peaks & Her Twin Peaks of Glory

“When I go out, I definitely wear things to emphasize my breasts,” said Ashlyn Peaks, a lovely girl with a sexy natural rack. Ashlyn used to work for the Hooters’ breastaurant chain and did justice to their requisite tank top and shorts. We bring this up because, as pretty as they are, a lot of Hooters Girls are not very busty. There’s a Hooters near SCORE, and we go there for lunch now and then. Ashlyn said she enjoyed working there.

“Usually I wear a low-cut dress. I do get a lot of attention because of my breasts. It is a blessing and a curse. I do not always wear a bra. It depends. When I go to sleep, I definitely don’t wear a bra.

A girl who looks as hot as Ashlyn hears every come-on comment ever created.

“The weirdest pick-up line a guy ever used on me was from a guy who said that my titties were looking at him so we were meant to be.”

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