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Anal only! Katlynn fucks her step-son

Katlynn Keys, a 40-year-old cougar, is in bed, tits out, legs spread, playing with her pussy and ass, when she hears a noise. Who is it? It’s her step-son. He apologizes profusely for intruding, kinda covering his eyes, and at first, Katlynn sounds angry.

“That’s what you get when you don’t knock,” she says.

But then she says, “Come here.”

He’s Katlynn’s step-son, and he’s about to get some of what his father’s been getting…or hasn’t been getting. Katlynn tells him she and his dad haven’t fucked for months.

“I’m so horny,” she says, and before long, she has her step-son’s cock in her mouth and down her throat. Katlynn’s deep-throat skills are impressive. She swallows his big, young cock down to the balls and gags herself on it. But the best is yet to come.

“While your dad’s away, we get to play,” she says.

Turns out that her idea of playing is taking her step-son’s cock deep inside her ass BEFORE he gets to sample her pussy. In fact, he IS NEVER IN HER PUSSY. He’s always in her ass.

Now, that’s one way to avoid getting your horny step-mom pregnant. And if Dad asks, “Have you been fucking my wife?” you can always say, “Yeah, but never in her pussy. Only in her ass.”

“Oh. I guess that’s okay, Son.”

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