Oh Boobs!

All talk and all action

Jazmine Cruz, a 43-year-old Filipino wife and mom, said, “In our culture, it’s taboo to talk about sex and your sexuality.” Well, she talks about it here, telling us about her big tits and wet pussy. And she does more than talk about it. She fucks that pussy with a big toy.

“I was sheltered growing up and the sweet girl-next-door type and now I’m a wild MILF,” she said. “I’m a sex addict.”

The best kind of addiction, if you ask us. Jazmine is a sultry beauty (and mother of three) with D-cup tits and a perfect body. She has a lucky husband who’s generous enough to share his wife with us and other men. They’re swingers. Jazmine has sex every day, and that doesn’t surprise us at all.

Her fetishes: “I like role play, especially one where I’m the sexy slave.”

Favorite position: “Doggy.”

Kinkiest sexual encounter: “In Mexico in a public pool, having sex all night long.”

Sex with other women: “Yes, with my best friend. We ate each other’s pussies and fingered each other.”

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