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Africa, Ass-Fucked

This video is a great scene of this ebony goddess getting ass-fucked on-camera (she did it a few other times), and the action beautifully shows off her pliable, natural, G-cup hangers and pink pussy (one of the pinkest I’ve ever seen, if not the pinkest).

I remember the first time I noticed how pink Africa’s pussy is. It was mid-2001, and it so happened that Africa was just starting in porn at about the time that I was starting out in porn, she as a performer, me as the editor of SCORE and Voluptuous magazines. I had been on the job for a little over three months when John Fox, my boss, asked me to direct Africa’s hardcore scene.

Now, I had never done this before, but I was eager to show off my directing chops. I mean, I had watched a lot of porn in my life, so surely I knew what was supposed to happen in a porn scene, right? Well, kinda.

Anyway, I first noticed how pink Africa’s pussy was when she was lying in bed sucking the stud’s cock. She reached down to spread her pussy while she sucked and-pow!-a supernova of shocking, wet, velvety pink filled the room. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. Shocking pink-the pink of Africa’s pussy-filled my eyes. I told her she had the pinkest pussy I’d ever seen. She said, “Thank you” and went back to sucking. I wondered if I was supposed to compliment her on her pink pussy.

Three more things I remember about that shoot:

1. I wasn’t a very good director, and that wasn’t good news for the stud. I kept on starting and stopping the action and asking for different positions, and the stud was really having a hard time keeping it hard because it’s hard to stay hard when you’re constantly pausing the fucking, even if it’s a hot girl like Africa that you’re fucking. Shooting that scene took about an hour longer than it should have. I think the stud would have been very happy if I had left the studio.

2. Africa enjoyed sucking the stud’s cock even when the camera wasn’t rolling. I found that hot. It told me, “This girl loves to suck cock.” Which is true. Africa loves sucking cock, and she’s great at it.

3. The moment when I made a total ass of myself. I’ll explain.

Picture this: Africa on all fours getting fucked from behind. Her tits are hanging and swaying very provocatively. I ask Africa to hold one tit up to her mouth and suck it while she’s getting fucked from behind. She does. Then I ask her to hold both tits up to her mouth and suck her nipples while getting fucked from behind.

She looks at me like she didn’t hear what I said.

Then she starts laughing and the stud starts laughing.

Have I said something wrong?

“I’m gonna face-plant if I do that!” Africa said, and I realized I had asked her to do something that was 100% impossible: be on all fours with both hands up.

And that’s how my directorial debut went. I appreciated that Africa had such a good attitude about my faux pas. She was extremely good-natured about the ridiculous thing I’d asked her to do, and in later visits to our studio, I would discover that Africa is one of the nicest, most laid-back, honest and real porn stars you could ever hope to meet.

And she still has the pinkest pussy I’ve ever seen. Check it out, especially when she’s getting ass-fucked.

By the way, I did not direct this scene. That’s probably why it’s so good.

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