Oh Boobs!

A Mattress Fit For A Queen

Danni Lynne is having trouble bringing a new mattress upstairs to her bedroom. That’s a serious situation. A girl built like Danni should always have a bed to bounce on. The mattress is too cumbersome for Danni to move by herself so she calls her next-door-neighbor Tony and his friend Jimmy.

Since they’re both porn dudes. they’re useless at physical labor unless they’re lifting up a pair of big tits or carrying a girl into the bedroom. The guys give up almost immediately and pull their moves on Danni instead.

Moving the mattress is forgotten as Danni takes turns sucking on each dick. The guys take turns playing with her big, sexy boobs and curvy body. Everyone drops trou and moves over to the couch so the trio can spread out while spreading Danni’s legs wide open.

Jimmy straddles Danni to fuck her tits while Tony feeds her cock. Taking each end of this stacked lady, one man bones Danni’s tight pussy-hole while the second guy face-fucks her. After Danni exhausts them, they bust their nuts right on her pretty face. This is a nice neighborhood to live in. The women are really friendly. Maybe one day, Danni will get to actually fuck on that new bed if she can find someone to move it.

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