Oh Boobs!

A johnson for Mrs. Johnson

Tyler is taking a shower when Mrs. Johnson, back home from work, walks in on him and peeks into the shower. She’s wearing a short, tight, backless dress (she has a very sexy back to go along with her big tits), and it’s obvious what she’s looking for.

“Oh, my god, Mrs. Johnson, what are you doing?” Tyler says, covering his johnson with a towel. After all, he’s her son’s friend!

“What do you think I’m doing?” Melissa says. “I’ve seen you looking at my boobs. Don’t tell me you haven’t been looking at my boobs, young man.”

He can’t deny that. And nobody else is home, but does that really matter? By this time, Melissa has her hand wrapped firmly around Tyler’s cock, and no man is going to be able to resist that. Melissa gives him a deep, wet, sloppy blow job and pays special attention to his balls. She talks dirty (betcha Tyler didn’t know his best friend’s mom fuck-talked) to work him up even more, then she fucks his cock with her pussy and her ass. Yep, Tyler is going to get to fuck his best friend’s mom’s asshole!

Favorite sports: volleyball, basketball and tennis.

Hobbies: Going to the gym, baking and reading.

Tits: Big.

Body: Hot.

Pussy: Pink. Hairy on top, shaved down below.

Asshole: Gaping but tight.

Need to know anything else?

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