Oh Boobs!

A GG-cup babe and your lingerie dreams

“I like dressing up in sexy, small outfits and taking lots of selfies,” Katie said.

Katie wears the very traditional glamour girl outfit in this shoot: bra, panties, stockings, garters and heels. We don’t need to mention that she looks knock-down gorgeous, but we will.

Most guys who look at Katie would never guess that she likes to go to fetish parties on Saturday nights and get tied-up and ball-gagged and all that, proving the old saying, “you can’t judge a book by its cover.” She just doesn’t look the type or sound the type, but she is and says she’s very submissive.

“The thing is to not be embarrassed. Everyone has some kind of fetish,” she said. “Being tied-up, gagged and blindfolded makes me very horny.”

That seems like an unusual kind of turn-on coming from this British glamour girl with GG-cup boobs.

“I have my naughty side. I’ve had sex on a train, sneaking into the small, cramped toilet. The motion of the train and the thrill of being so naughty was stronger that the fear of being caught.”

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