Oh Boobs!

A Date With Casca Akashova

While this SCORELAND video is first and foremost a showcase for Casca Akashova and her considerable physical endowments and sex appeal, it also illustrates the impatience of the average male today and the pre-adolescent need for instant gratification. There was a time when a guy waiting for his date to get ready to go out would sit and shut-up or look through the keyhole until she was ready. Now they nag and complain. Hey, she’s in the bathroom not because she likes being in there. She’s in there making herself all pretty and sweet-smelling.

So while Casca is primping and prettying, Oliver Flynn is lying in bed fully dressed, looking at his phone and complaining about having to wait. Life is tough, eh?

When Casca emerges from the sacred chamber of feminine beautification, dressed in a sexy outfit and high heels, ready to hit the town, Oliver is now in no hurry to rush out the door. The brain in his cock has taken over and he can’t wait to fuck Casca after they get back from their date. He has to do her now. He could have taken her out and built up his lust for her during the evening then taken her home to fuck but there’s that instant gratification thing again.

They make out, with strong chemistry between them. He sucks on her pointy nipples, kisses her butt cheeks and gets out of his clothes faster than a Las Vegas male stripper.

Casca strips off to her thong panties and gets on top of him, sucking his dick and rubbing on him with passionate moans and sighs. Kneeling on the bed and then lying on her back, Casca gets her big tits fucked. She sucks on his cock head as the shaft slides between her boobs and she makes that cock-popping sound we all love to hear.

Oliver gives Casca some head, then mounts her, fucking her in missionary, sideways and from behind. Casca sits on his cock in cowgirl and the reverse, using a free hand to either rub her clit or his balls. Her extremely sexy way of fucking and bouncing does its magic and he can no longer hold back. After he jerks off in her face, she erotically licks the cum off her fingers while staring at the camera and rubs his nut into her breasts. Now satisfied and gratified, Oliver moves out of camera range, possibly to grab a sandwich in the kitchen.

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